Classic Touch – Special Edition International

This exclusive collection of over 20 popular melodies by renowned masters like Chopin, Beethoven, and Mozart offers a captivating and varied listening experience. Newly arranged and enhanced with modern sounds, these classical compositions reveal their timeless charm – both relaxing and inspiring.

Duration: 60 minutes
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The musical journey through world-famous classical hits starts with Bedřich Smetana’s „The Moldau“ – a sonorous overture in a lively 6/8 time. Numerous sequences from the greatest works of the most renowned composers follow.
Mozart’s „Eine kleine Nachtmusik“ and Beethoven’s „Moonlight Sonata“ are as beloved as Chopin’s nocturne in E-flat major and the „Raindrop Prelude“. Robert Schumann’s „Träumerei“ – the epitome of romantic piano pieces – is sensitively enhanced by a newly arranged string section.
Even the clips from orchestral works retain their unique characteristics in modern studio sound: Edvard Grieg’s „Morgenstimmung“ impresses with symphonic intensity. The theme from Antonín Dvořák’s 9th Symphony („From the New World“) is sensitively recreated with the warm, elegiac sound of the English horn.
Typical compositions of Baroque music, such as Johann Sebastian Bach’s „Air in D major“ or Johann Pachelbel’s „Canon“, sound both authentic and modern in our creative variations. After all, they are among the most quoted pieces of music in crossover and pop music.

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