The Relief of Pain – Englische Version

Die englische Ausgabe des Titels „Den Schmerz besiegen“ in zwei Versionen:

> Night relaxation

> Day motivation

Sprecher: Adrian Nunn

Art.-Nr 704 – Gesamtspieldauer: 60 Minuten

Mithilfe dieses Suggestionsprogramms können Sie körperliche Spannungen lösen und eigene schmerzlindernde Ressourcen aktivieren. Klinische Tests haben bewiesen, dass die Tiefensuggestion bei chronischen wie bei akuten Schmerzen schmerzlindernd wirkt.

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Dr. Arnd Stein: The relief of Pain

Achieve improved and even total pain relief while increasing your feeling of physical well-being. This program allows you to overcome pain in any part of your body while you improve your physical well-being. Benefit from pain relief with this audio program that helps you control chronic pain as well as new pain

Deep suggestion titles have been sold over 3 million times worldwide and have proven their effectiveness in empirical studies and scientific research.

Deep suggestion combines essential findings of autogenic training, hypnosis and music therapy with a completely new, worldwide unique suggestion technique: Various effective words – simultaneously whispered and spoken – produce an extremely intensive positive effect on your entire physical and mental well-being through a previously unattained information density.

You simply put on the headphones, sit back and relax – and after just a few minutes you will be surprised by the pleasant effect of gentle words and melodious music. Without any effort, you sink into an astonishingly deep, soothing state of relaxation.

Dr. Arnd Stein holds a doctorate in psychology from Ruhr-Universität Bochum and has been in private practice since 1975. He is also a noted author and popular contributor to many international radio and television pragrams.

VTM is one of the companies at the forefront of the new wellness awareness. For more than 30 years, the publishing company has been working closely together with doctors, clinics and higher-education institutions to develop scientifically sound relaxation processes as well as relaxation and wellness music for the discriminating listener.

To date, VTM has released more than 150 CDs from the well-known qualified psychologist and psychotherapist Dr. Arnd Stein. These CDs are sold over 3 million times throughout the world. What distinguishes these CDs is above all their high quality and effectiveness. They provide optimum relaxation aids in many situations in a person`s day-to-day life and working life. In addition, they are successfully used in wellness and beauty as well as in clinics and practices.

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